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In Bloom by Jean-Vincent Simonet SPECIAL EDITION

180 GBP

The special edition of ‘In Bloom’ by Jean-Vincent Simonet is limited to 45 copies. For this special edition Jean-Vincent Simonet chemically washed his photographs by hand to create individually customized prints. Due to the unpredictable nature of the chemicals, no print is the same. This chemical process was also used in the book to manipulate the photographs. The individual hand made print will go alongside the book which is signed by Jean -Vincent Simonet, all of which will be encased in a special hand made resin cover.

Jean-Vincent Simonet’s process is chaotic order, which plays with the erratic nature of the chemicals to produce beautiful unforeseeable outcomes. Inspired by Simonet’s first visit to Japan in September 2016, this process emulates the metamorphose of forms the living city of Tokyo took during the night time.

Publication date:
 September 2018
Format: Softcover with handmade acrylic case and print
Edition: 45
Size: 24 x 33 cm
Number of pages: 132
Type of printing: Offset
ISBN:  9781999814458