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Image by Naohiro Utagawa

150 GBP

The surreal photo collages by the Japanese artist Naohiro Utagawa create psychological landscapes that are as fascinating and surreal, as much as they appear daunting and even violent at times. The primary source material for Utagawa are photographs which he cuts, tears, bends, crumbles and folds. In so doing, Utawaga does not only subvert the traditional application of photography,  but he also reinterprets it: here photographs are not just created through the click of a button, but they are assembled, put together or installed much like a sculpture artist uses clay for instance. The effect that he creates by using or even abusing photographs in! such! manor is that he defamiliarizes the photographic print as a material object.
Extract from 'Naohiro Utagawa’s Psychological Landscapes' by Marco Bohr

SPBH Editions is proud to present a series of artists' books by Naohiro Utagawa, handmade by the artist using different printing and collage processes. The result are unique artworks. Edition of 20.

Price is for 1 book, choice of either 1, 2 or 3.

Publication date: December 2015
Edition: 20 for each edition
Format: Hardcover
Size: 15 x 15 cm
Number of pages: 20
Type of printing: Digital, Photographic print, Collages