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A Rock is a River by Maya Rochat SPECIAL EDITION

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Texts by Simon Baker, Paola Paleari, Ingrid Luquet-Gad, Markovian System (Joël Vacheron & Aris Xanthos), Viviane Morey, Ann-Christin Bertrand and Brad Feuerhelm.

The special edition of A Rock is a River is limited to 200 copies. For this special edition, Rochat worked by hand on each of them – spray painting different pages, dousing acids on the plates on press and switching CMKY layers at the offset machine. The cover is a super impression of two images, and the edges of the pages are printed using an ancient process.
For most artists the printing stage is the final one in the process, but for Rochat it is further chance to play and probe the materiality of her photographic work. Composing each page as a new pictorial experience, Rochat employs various print technologies to work multiple digital and analogue layers into each collage she creates. With bleach, watercolour, spray paint and acid, she reworks images from her archive, overlaying them, distorting them, feeding them back into the printer and altering their textures into endless new iterations.

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Publication date: October 2017
Format: Hardback
Edition: 150
Size: 22 x 29 cm
Number of pages: 336
Type of printing: Offset